Wildlife, Outdoor & Riparian Buffer Mixtures

Natures Choice
A wildlife mixture for establishing feeding areas for deer, wild turkeys and other wildlife. Contains forage rapeseed, turnip, kale, white clover, red clover, alsike clover, timothy, orchardgrass, perennial ryegrass, sorghum sudangrass and Japanese millet.

Pollinator Mix
Contains alfalfa, alsike clover, crimson clover, double cut red clover, YB sweet clover, phacelia, timothy or annual ryegrass, sainfoin, white clover and bridsfoot trefoil.

Provides excellent ground cover for land in a holding pattern, wildlife cover, erodible slopes and around pond and ditch banks. Contains creeping red fescue, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, timothy, kentucky bluegrass and white clover.

BeeNatural Lawn
Low maintenance alternative ground cover with the addition of native wildflowers. These hardy fescues are moderately drought tolerant and requires no specific care. They are also good for stabilization and roadsides. The wildflowers component has up to 15 different species of various colours. These will take up to three years to establish and flower but it is worth the wait.

Brier Ridge

Look to Brier Ridge® premium food plot seed to help you create the edge at your hunting location. Brier Ridge food plot seed has been formulated to provide superior performance in establishing, attracting and keeping those trophy bucks and turkeys on your property.