Most Clovers work best in a blend with grasses such as Timothy and Orchardgrass and provideĀ a highly palatable crop. Clovers are very productive but are relatively short-lived and can be used for hay, haylage or in a pasture mix although they can be difficult to dry for hay. It is quite easy to establish clover.

Belle D/C Red Clover
A medium maturity, high yielding double cut variety with very good disease resistance.

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Silvester Ladino White Clover
Silvester is a vigorous, large leaved variety of white clover, selected for its erect growth and high yield. It has good disease tolerance and excellent winter hardiness.

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Grasslands Huia White Clover
A medium height white clover bred in New Zealand, an ideal part of pasture mixtures.

Other Clovers Available
Alsike Clover, Common Double Cut Clover and Single Cut Clover.