About Us

About Us

Research-driven Performance
          is how we say we are different …

We offer products that have been developed and screened through our replicated forage yield trials located throughout Canada.

Products offered for sale represent species and varieties that have demonstrated improvements in persistence, yield and forage quality in our Canadian climate and soil conditions.

MAPLESEED has specialized production field staff and processing facilities that are necessary to keep you profitable in today’s competitive market.

MAPLESEED’s commitment to ensuring maximum quality is backed by our status as an Accredited Seed Importer, accredited seed processing facility, CFIA certified tagging and random monitoring of product quality.

Partners in Innovation
          is how we make a difference!

Core Purpose ... Why we exist.

To develop high quality seed products through proprietary and collaborative research and development efforts, to produce seed in commercial quantities through a proven and reliable grower base.

By ensuring the end user extracts the genetic potential and benefits of our seed products, Mapleseed will earn ongoing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Mission ... Where we are going.

Mapleseed products represent
species and varieties that demonstrate
yield and quality for the Canadian climate
and soil conditions.

Values & Principles ... Who we are.

Innovation, Dedication, Integrity,
Loyalty, Teamwork

Trust, Quality, Added Value

Mapleseed; a great company with great people!

Our staff are very  knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Our customer service and sales people are committed to ensuring that you receive the advice and products to help you reach your goals. We want to gather and share the latest information on new products and practices.

MAPLESEED is one of the oldest, continually-operating seed entities in Canada. We offer a full line of forage and lawn seed products through our extensive and knowledgeable dealer network in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

We offer our customers a detailed reference to products and seeding information. This information will assist you in making the correct forage and lawn seed choices that best suit your needs.

At MAPLESEED, we continually strive to be “Partner in Innovation”; from the research conducted to develop new products, the production and processing of the seed and the sales and technical assistance. We know the forage and lawn seed products. By working with us, you can have confidence that your choices will work for you.

DLF Pickseed

About Us

DLF Pickseed Canada was formed in 2013 when DLF acquired Pickseed Canada and Pickseed USA. DLF was founded in 1906 and is the global market leader in the research, development, production and distribution of turfgrass and forage crop seed.

DLF is owned by 3,000 Danish seed growers and has subsidiaries or sales offices in 20 countries around the world.

DLF Pickseed Canada is headquartered in Lindsay, Ontario with products being marketed utilizing the DLF Pickseed and Mapleseed brand names. Our brands are backed by a trusted and proven reputation for quality, agronomic advice and a commitment to research and technology. Our dedicated team provides practical and effective solutions to improve your profitability and reduce your operating risk.


Customers can expect and trust professional advice and support


Customers can expect delivery of quality products and friendly service


Customers can expect accurate information and added value working with us