Festulolium is a hybrid forage grass developed by crossing Meadow or Tall Fescue with Perennial or Italian Ryegrass. This combines the best properties of the two types of grass. The fescues contribute qualities such as high dry matter yield, resistance to cold, drought tolerance and persistence. Ryegass is characterized by rapid regrowth, good digestibility and palatability. The individual festulolium varieties contain various combinations of these qualities, but all are substantially higher yielding that this parent lines

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Mahulena Festulolium

Robust, high yielding festulolium (tall fescue x perennial ryegrass). It has extremely high yield capacity and is very persistent. It has very good stress tolerance and improved forage quality.

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Perseus Festulolium
Dynamic, high yielding festulolium (meadow fescue x Italian ryegrass). It has shown very high forage yield in seeding years and shows the same yield potential of Italian ryegrass. Unlike Italian ryegrass, Perseus maintains yield production for the next 1-2 harvest years.

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