Grass Enhancement Performance Mixtures

These grass mixtures are designed for production and can be used in a hay, haylage or pasture situation. They are a great combination of grasses that can be added to an alfalfa mixture or used for an all grass hay.

– To add extra grass to alfalfa based mixture, reduce the seeding rate by 2-5 lbs and add 6-9 lbs of grass mix

3-Way add more grass to your hay or pasture mix

  • 60% Brome Blend bromegrass
  • 25% Tower Tall Fescue
  • 15% Mathilde Perennial Ryegrass

Grass Plus A balanced grass blend to enhance hay and pasture mixtures

  • 70% Brome Blend Bromegrass
  • 15% Mahulena Festulolium
  • 15% Perseus Festulolium

Forage Grow Works best in 3-4 cut system

  • 25% Echelon Orchardgrass
  • 25% Mahulena Festulolium
  • 25% Mathilde Perennial Ryegrass
  • 25% Perseus Festulolium

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