Cover Crops

Cover Crops

Cover crops assist in getting the most profitability from your farm. There are many cover crop options, but it is important that you choose one that is suited to your soil conditions, climate and local needs.

There are many benefits that cover crops can provide:

  • Improving the overall quality of the soil
  • Increasing organic matter
  • Reducing erosion
  • Retaining soil moisture
  • Reducing soil compaction
  • Supplying nutrients

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Mapleseed has the products, expertise and knowledge to help you with cover crop options for your operation


Tapper Radish

Increases organic soil matter and traps nutrients for future crops. Reduces soil erosion and facilitates no-till planting. TapperTM Radish also supresses weeds and retains soil moisture while improving overal soil tilth and quality. Breaks through compacted soils.

Cover Crops

Braco Brand Mustard

Braco is a useful cover crop in vineyards, annual crop rotations and home gardens as a winter cover. It produces large quantities of green manure while suppressing weeds, nematodes and other soil borne organisms.





Clovers provide many benefits as a cover crop such as improving soil quality, fixing nitrogen for use in the following crop, reducing soil erosion and suppressing weeds. It can also provide forage in the fall if needed.


Cover Crops

Annual Ryegrass

Ryegrasses establish quickly and are very productive under proper conditions. They are a high quality forage with high digestability that can be used for pasture, hay or haylage. Ryegrass prefers well drained, fertile soils and grows quickly during periods of cool, wet weather but may not be as persistent as other grasses.

Forage Ryegrass can be spring planted to provide multiple cuts of high quality forage or for grazing.


Cover Crops

Cover Crop Mixtures

Grazing Cover Mix Flex – Seed at 15 lbs/acre 

  • Blend of grasses, brassicas, and clovers selected for to produce high tonnages of excellent quality forage, specifically for grazing. Use this mix in place of traditional covers of oats, rye, or other cool season grasses as a tremendous boost in yield, feed quality, and soil health.
  • Optional FLEX – ADD Oats @ 30 lbs/acre and reduce seeding rate of Grazing Cover Mix to 8 lbs/acre

Soil Builder Mix
Seed at 14-16 lbs/acre 


40% TapperTM Radish
30% Crimson Clover
30% Stockman Brand Annual Ryegrass

Corn Interseeding Mix
Seed at 15 lbs/acre


80% Stockman Brand Annual Ryegrass
20% Crimson Clover

Nutrient Scavenger Mix
Seed at 12 lbs/acre


60% Stockman Brand Annual Ryegrass
40% TapperTM Radish