Cover Crop Mixtures

Grazing Cover Mix Flex – Seed at 15 lbs/acre 

  • Blend of grasses, brassicas, and clovers selected for to produce high tonnages of excellent quality forage, specifically for grazing. Use this mix in place of traditional covers of oats, rye, or other
    cool season grasses as a tremendous boost in yield, feed quality, and soil health.
  • Optional FLEX – ADD Oats @ 30 lbs/acre and reduce seeding rate of Grazing Cover Mix to 8 lbs/acre

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Soil Builder Mix – Seed at 14-16 lbs/acre 

Corn Interseeding MixSeed at 15 lbs/acre

  • Seeded into corn at the 6-8 leaf stage to maintain soil microbial life beyond corn harvest

Nutrient Scavenger MixSeed at 12 lbs/acre